Become a timekeeper for international motorsport

Wanted: (experienced) Timekeepers for international motorsport events.

Interested to see the world of racing from the inside? Timekeepers have the best job when you love motorsport

  • Have the best seats during motorsport events.
  • Travel the world to international events.
  • Actively contributing to motorsports. 
  • Experience a different side to motorsport.
  • Test your ability to perform under pressure without errors.

A timekeeper's job

We are looking for racing enthusiast who are interested in becoming a timekeeper for national and international race events. As a timekeeper you’ll have the privilege to visit many famous race circuits in Europe and other parts of the world. During the events you’ll be right at the center of racing in your role as timekeeper. With the best views on the track you're able to follow the action while at the same time contributing to a great race event.

Most of our events are timed by a team of timekeepers, depending on the level of the event. Together you are responsible for the complete service from A-Z. In the beginning you will be working in a team, training you to become an independent timekeeper.

During the event you will find yourself at the hub of the information in between all parties involved in racing. You cooperate with the organization, race control, race directors, commentators and many more. Together you work hard to achieve the best possible service to the teams, drivers and fans so they can enjoy their weekend of racing.

As a timekeeper the goal is to provide professional and reliable services foremost to the organizer and race director in the form of accurate timekeeping information and results. Timekeeping can be a puzzle and analytical skills are required. Requests will be made to analyze timing information to help in investigating specific track incidents. You need to solve these requests by azalyzing the the collected timing data.

Today timekeeping has grown and moved far away from manual  lap timing and simple Start/finish timing. Advanced hardware- and network structures are setup to ensure advanced data collection and distribution of timing information through timing screens, live timing and live data protocols. Basic technical knowledge and interest is a pre.

Most race events take place in the weekend. Depending on the event and the location we ask  our timekeepers to be available from Fridays till Sunday. Accomodation, lunch and dinner is taken care of.

Interested? Want to hear more about availability requirements and compensations, don’t hesitate to contact us. Send an email to include a short note about yourself and how we can contact you.


  • Interest in national and international autosport / motorsport.
  • Willing to travel to circuits in Europe or worldwide.
  • Available on Fridays and in the Weekend at least once a month. During training periods more availability might be required.
  • Training in RSTime software mostly takes part on circuits in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
  • Good communication skills, preferably in multiple languages (a.o. Dutch, English, German, French).
  • Focus and eye for details.
  • Inquisitive and analytical mind.
  • Technical understanding of computer operations and IP networks.