Tranx-260-PID – Driver-ID transponder

The MYLAPS CAR DP-i transponder (previously the AMB TranX260 DP-i transponder) is specially made for events with driver changes. Up to 5 different drivers can be identified with this transponder. Selecting which driver is in the car is performed by operating a selector switch that must be mounted in the cockpit. This transponder is suitable for e.g. 24Hseries, 24H Zolder, Asian Le Mans Series, etc.




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Dimensions: 75 x 52 x 27 mm
Weight: 70 grams
Color: Red
Guaranteed speed: 260 km/h
Humidity: 10% to 90% relative
Operating time: Active while external power applied
Power consumption: 12VDC/ 0,06 A
Transponder Position: max. Height 60 cm (2 ft)  min. Height 20 cm (1 ft)
Price: € 595,- excl. BTW