Become a timekeeper/technician for (inter)national motorsports.

We are looking for racing enthusiast who are interested in becoming a timekeeper for national and international race events. As a timekeeper you’ll have the privilege to visit many famous race circuits in Europe and other parts of the world. During the events you’ll be right at the center of racing in your role as timekeeper. With the best views on the track you're able to follow the action while at the same time contributing to a great race event.

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Market leader in permanent solutions for race tracks and timekeepers.

RSTime software optimises and automates operations of tracks, race circuits and time keepers worldwide. Our passion is to provide operators with an auto-pilot system to support, improve and bring their services to the next level. Be able to provide better results and services with less effort.

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Timing + circuit automation

Permanent timekeeping installations and circuit automating solutions for all tracks and race circuits.

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Race Control solutions

Innovative track control and incident management solutions for Race Circuits.

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Sports timing services

Timing services at the highest level with licensed timekeepers for all auto- and motorsport events.

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Time Service News

  • 2021 - A careful preview

    Unlike other years, we will be starting this year with the Gulf 12H in Bahrain, a race that should have been held in 2020 but has been moved to 2021 due to the more
  • 2020 - Hit by Covid-19 virus

    Due to the Covid-19 virus, 2020 has been a very different year for all of us.
    The first quarter started well, although with a heavily rained-out 24H of Dubai, ... read more


  • X2 - Timing systems

    Time service is one of the first adopters of the Mylaps X2 system. We believe investing in new hardware, like an X2 system, is important for timekeepers and race circuits. From the first introduction... read more


About RSTime

With the RSTime software we want to provide race circuits and timekeepers worldwide with flexible and tailored solutions for automating, optimising and professionalising. 

More than 10 years ago the first RSTime venue management software has been launched for indoor go-kart tracks. Since then the RSTime software has grown and expanded to innovative solutions for race circuits and professional timekeepers.

Our innovative RSTime timing software for timing race events is used by race circuits and timekeepers worldwide. Where timekeeping used to be  time consuming, error prone and labour intensive, providing timekeeping services with RSTime is accurate, fast and efficient. 

We provide circuits with permanent installations for race control - incident management and  circuit automation solutions worldwide; Sound Measurement, Pit speed, Scoreboard Control, Finish TIming Camera