About Time Service

Time Service is a world leading company in the development of software for automating and optimising gokart tracks and race circuit of all sizes. More than 10 years ago we started as a two man business developing software for indoor Gokart tracks. Today Time Service has grown to an international operating and respected company. Our software engineers and licensed timekeepers together develop the best solutions for timekeeping and track/race circuit automation. 

Nowadays we stil provide 70% of the dutch indoor gokart market with our RSTime reservation and timing software. Since 2006 multiple timekeeping companies over the world succesfully use RSTime for timing auto, motor and rallycross events. And last couple of years we have installed complete RSTime installations at new international race circuits all over the world.

We focus on improvements and innovations. Not only do we continuously improve our existing software, we are always looking for new opportunities in the world of auto- and motorsport. We strive to develop professional, reliable and flexible software to support timekeepers and circuits in timing and related activities.
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