Support page

We are highly valued by RSTime users for giving good support on the software. Being available 24/7 for our customers is one of our top priorities. We will always try to answer your questions and help find a solutions, even if it outside our boundaries. On this page you will find some basic tools Time Service uses for support. Only download these tools when we have directed you to this page.

Download TeamViewer for remote support

Below you will find a link that will install software to receive remote support on your computer. When requested by one of our support engineers, please click on this link and follow the displayed instructions and the instructions of our support engineer.

TitleTeamViewer Quicksupport

  Title Size  
  TeamViewer Quicksupport Onbekend Download


  Title Modified Date Size  
  RSTimeStart for installing RaceManager 26-01-2018 3,96 MB Download