Timekeeping at the 24H Series 2015

It has been less than 2 weeks since the HANKOOK 24H of Dubai. We hope that everyone, on the track or following the race at home, enjoyed it  as much as we did. As timekeepers it is great to be part of the  24 Hour race in Dubai and we want to congratulate organisor/promoter Creventic and the DNRT with a terrific start of the 2015 season.

With 10 years’ experience in timing the Dubai race, we created a smooth running co-operation with the organisation. For the 24H Series Dubai is just the beginning of a new exciting racing season. The year 2015 is also the first year for the 24H Series with a FIA international series status. And with pleasure we can announce that Time Service will be timing five of the 24H Series events in 2015; Dubai, Mugello, Zandvoort, Paul Ricard and BRNO.

The last 10 year.

In these 10 years of timing the HANKOOK 24H of Dubai our services have grown. With the 24H races having more participants every year and becoming better  known, the event also became more challenging for timekeeping. In cooperation with Creventic we have expanded our services to meet the requirements of the organisation, teams, drivers, press and fans.Which has resulted in positive feedback about our timing services from all directions.

Do not change a winning team.

Every year our timekeeping team is extremely motivated to deliver a great service. With so many participating teams , live radio & TV broadcasts and many people following the race from home, failure is no option. We prepare for all the scenario’s and “what if’s “ of timekeeping and to be able to guarantee our quality no matter what happens. We will give our most effort to support the Creventic organisation in achieving another successful series of events.

With the many positive reactions we receive about our Live Timing, the Tracker and the statistics page we believe teams, press and fans will be happy to hear our services are available at all these events.

Season 2015.

We are looking forward to expanding our co-operation with Creventic and DNRT for the events of the 24H Series. With the goals in mind, every one of the events will be a new challenge. Each circuit has a different infrastructure which we depend on for timekeeping.  “You never know exactly what to expect when arriving at a circuit.” Says Harald Roelse on behalf of Time Service. “Luckily we always bring too many equipment, just to be sure. And in our experience circuits generously offer us all the support they can give us. In the end all involved parties want to put down a great race and a great show. We are looking forward to timing the 24H series event!”.