2019 - A year of double bookings

During this year we were able to welcome Zandvoort as a new partner. Previously, our software was already used, but from this year we would also provide part of the timekeeping.

We also rolled out our solution for Race Control further and various partners have already started using this support package.

During the Gulf 12H in Abu Dhabi, we were able to greet a special participant this year. The number 46, well known for being Valentino Rossi’s, ensured that we would make extra live timing capacity available for this event.

Looking back, this was a year with many overlapping calendars. For this, the utmost was asked of our timekeepers and the hired colleagues. Despite all this, we managed to provide timekeeping to all our customers.

We thank all our customers and series for the countless assignments and look forward to the coming year.