Timekeeper / Technician

Job description: Timekeeper/Technician

Time Service is a Dutch company. Our focus lies on developing, selling, installing, using and supporting products for the international world of motorsport. Our main products are Timekeeping software, Race Control software and Timekeeping as services.

With 27 years of experience in auto– and motorsport events, Time Service delivers worldwide timekeeping software services. We also deliver, install and service complete installations for timekeeping and race control on circuits around the world.

The software development is based on a Firebird SQL database with a combination of Delphi and C#. Besides the mentioned programming languages, you will come across XML, HTML5, Azure combined with SignalR and Redis. The function does not require any development skills, but the need to understand a variety of these technologies and how to operate them.

Other technologies we implement are :

  • monitoring camera based on TV protocols h264 and h265.
  • DotNet (DNN) web sites for presenting real-time results and historic data.
  • Access to our sites using several Azure servers all over the world.
  • Avoiding proxy-servers to slow down or block our data.


The timekeeping services include items such as:

  • Working and understanding of our timekeeping software.
  • Timing events like training-, track days to national and international races all over the world.
  • Open to learn about the rules and regulations of motorsports (FIA and FIM).


What are we looking for:

  • General knowledge of computers and familiar with Microsoft and office software.
  • General knowledge of SQL-databases and how to work with them.
  • Capable to handle tools and fix cables.
  • The ability to improvise toolwise, cablewise and on ICT matters.
  • Knowledge of computer networks is obligatory;
    • Different VLan’s
    • WiFi connections
    • Working with firewalls
  • No 9 to 5 mentality, as working days may consist of 24H races as well.
  • Both an independent work attitude and the ability to work in a team.
  • Available for travelling.
  • Driving licence B and car is obligated.
  • Communicative skills in English and Dutch; German and French is a plus.


What do we offer:

  • Full time job with flexible hours and conforming salary.
  • Company mobile phone.
  • Laptop with needed software packages.
  • Timeservice is working in homeoffice as well as on racetracks all over the world.


Interested in this job ? Send your application to marcel@timeservice.nl together with your motivation and your curriculum vitae.