Timing photocell

The photo cell can easily be integrated in a transponders/decoder timing system to support timekeepers in providing a reliable and accurate result. The photocell timing systems are offered as complete sets for permanent installation or for travelling purposes.

Photocell for accurate back-up timing


Timing camera

Modern camera technologies can help timekeepers with timekeeping during the events. Since camera's can sometimes see more than two pair of eyes, a camera can results in better vehicle identification, no more missing laps and an accurate finishing order. 

High speed camera's supporting timekeepers


Timing systems


Every timing systems consist of different parts that each form a crucial part and all these parts together need to be able to work together as one integrated system. For both timekeepers and race circuits a reliable, well-designed and professional timekeeping system is crucial to be able to provide an excellent timing and Race Control service. Each part should add value to the timing system and have timekeepers and other rely on them in supplying a good service.


X2 applications

The structure of the X2 timing platform enables developers to create applications that collaborate with the X2 and lift the use of the X2 system to a higher level. 

Maximum use of your X2 systems.