High speed camera's supporting timekeepers

As a timekeeper the goal is to provide professional timing services to the organisor, race director teams,and drivers. Professionality can be achieved when your services and results are proven to be reliable and accurate. Modern camera technologies can help timekeepers with timekeeping during the events.Since camera's can sometimes see more than two pair of eyes, a camera can results in better vehicle identification, no more missing laps and an accurate finishing order. 

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Supporting timekeepers by reducing workload.

A very important function in timekeeping is identifying a vehicle when it crosses the loop. In some situation the vehicles have a unrelated transponder number, in other situations the vehicle might not have a transponder at all. With the HD camera taking up to 30 frames per seconds the timekeeper can read back any start numbers to quickly solve any identification issues. The camera images in combination with the photocell is a perfect solution for back-up timing.

With the camera recording 30 frames per seconds and HD resolution it's not only possible to identify vehicles but also to determine the passing order during the start and the finish. By replaying the recorded images one by one you can easily determine who actually crossed the finish line first, in addition to the transponder passings.

HD Image quality.

The camera's we offer for timing purposes are digital camera's that stream 30 HD quality images per second into a database. With this quality even small details on cars can be read from the images. These digital types of camera's are already cost-effective but since the technology is never standing still we think both quality of the images and speed of the camera's will improve even more in the future. The camera discussed here works differently from the expensive finish line camera's which are used in many active sports. The Line-camera's are a big investment and only supply one image per car.

For usability the camera is supplied with an auto-iris zoom lens. Easy to setup and in combination with RSTime software also very easy to operate. The camera solution is already available for RSTime timing and scoring software. Interfacing to other timekeeping software can be discussed.


System specifications:

Minimum PC  requirements: 

  • Intel 3 CPU
  • 4GB memory, 
  • 300 GB hard disk 
  • Windows 7-pro (or newer)

Camera Specifications:

  • Full HD camera, 30 frames per second
  • Build-in compression
  • Supports NTP time synchronizations
  • Auto Iris lens video output
  • Lens mount = C-mount
  • Auto-iris lens with several zoom ranges.
More information can be found in the brochure. Download the brochure here Download brochure