Photocell for accurate back-up timing

Every timekeeper acknowledges the importance of main and back-up systems for the timekeeping. Where transponder timing is very efficient as a main timing system, photocells are a perfect back-up system. The photo cell can easily be integrated in a transponders/decoder timing system to support timekeepers in providing a reliable and accurate result. The photocell timing systems are offered as complete sets for permanent installation or for travelling purposes.

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Back-up timing solutions

Transponders are often the main timing system for timekeepers. But since transponders can be forgotten or for some other reason there is no transponder passing, a back-up system is required for assuring accurate results. Positioning a Light beam at the Start/Finish line has proven to be a perfect reliable back-up timing system. The light beam pulses will help timekeepers to assign the passing time of any vehicle that crosses the finish line without a working transponders.This results in accurate race results with correct lap times and positions for all participants.

Difficulties with identifying start numbers of vehicles without transponders? Take a look at our camera solution.

Complete installation sets

The Time Service Photocell sets are designed for permanent installation or as a travelling set. Both circuits as travelling timekeepers can depend on these sets to be complete and easily installed at race circuits. The special brackets for permanent installation of the Photocells make the alignment easy and always adjustable. 

The photocell systems are offered in combination with a GPS-sync mixer module. Synchronized hardware, preferrably to GPS time, is the basics for accurate timekeeping. The mixer allows up to 5 decoders, a photocell input and a start signal to be synchronized to the GPS clock.


Technical specifications:

  • Power for light beam unit 12-18 volt
  • Light beam input by pulse
  • Photocell output by pulse and by contact (also for external or visiting timekeeping companies).
  • GPS input on serial port plus pulse per second
  • 19 inch housing, 1U high

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