Professional and complete timing systems.

Every timing systems consist of different parts that each form a crucial part and all these parts together need to be able to work together as one integrated system. For both timekeepers and race circuits a reliable, well-designed and professional timekeeping system is crucial to be able to provide an excellent timing and Race Control service. Each part should add value to the timing system and have timekeepers and other rely on them in supplying a good service.

As Time Service we consult, design and install timing systems worldwide. Please contact us for customised timing solutions that fit every situation of a (travelling) timekeeper or permanent race circuit.

Timing hardware

Top-level reliable timing hardware is the basis of a professional timing system. The setup requirements (fixed installations or travel set) determine the design of the timing system. A reliable timing system is of high quality and provides you the flexibility to comply to the requirements of all types of auto-, motor-, and other sport events.

 A timing system starts with a combination of transponders, loops, decoders but also for example a back-up light beam or a S/F camera. From our timing and technical expertise we design and install timing systems by combining only the best hardware solutions to one integrated timing system.

Value-adding software solutions

Every good timing installation is a combination of reliable hardware with high-end software solutions. These high-end software solutions ensure you get everything out of your timing system, quickly and efficiently. The RSTime platform contains multiple software solutions optimising the use of the timing system and making a timekeeper's life easier. Within the timekeeping department this consists of Timing & Scoring, Live Timing, Scoreboard control, Results screens Camera software, and many more. 

More race departments can benefit from all the information collected by the timing system. Within the RSTime platform timing information is distributed and shared with all race applications. Race Control has an easier job managing track activities with an accurate vehicle tracking system based on timing information. Also personal sound measurements, for tracks with sound limits, can be optimised with a timing loop near the measurement point(s). 

Innovation of the X2-timing platform

The X2-system is introduced last year by Mylaps as the new generation timing system. One of the advantages of the innovative X2 platform is the improvement of the network structure. The X2 system is part of your timing network allowing to work in an advanced manner in comparison to the TranX system. 

The X2 platform, designed to handle numerous connections, enables us to create smarter and specialised applications that connect directly to the X2. Hereby eliminating the dependancies between applications, in the time of the old TranX system allowing only limited connections to the timing system.

Take a look at our X2 applications or contact us for specific X2 requests.