The latest generation of transponders replacing the old AMB/classic and X2 transponders is the TR2 transponder. The TR2 transponder can be used on any track where you used the old AMB transponder and is compatible with MYLAPS Timing Systems.

The TR2 transponder is available in different versions, subscription of 1, 2 or 5 years. After this initial period the subscription can be renewed, see the renewal fee in the table below. Or a GO version for which no subscription is needed


  • Compatible with all MYLAPS (AMB) Timing Systems
  • Direct powered transponder connected to the 12V car battery
  • The most accurate technology
  • Subscription 1,2 or 5 years, or GO (no subscription)
  • Soon available with a Driver-ID push button


Power 12V
Detection height: max. height 60 cm (2 ft) car, max. height 120 cm (4 ft) bike
Dimensions: 8 x 2.2 x 5 CM
Housing / material: Waterproof IP67 (with mated connector)
Max. speed:  260 km/h (161 mph)
Operating voltage range: 8 - 17 VDC
Sport:  car racing, motorbike racing
Temperature range: -20 to +50 °C / -4 to +122 °F
Timing resolution:  0,002 s
Weight: 0.115KG

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Direct Power Version:
1 year subscription     € 157 ex VAT
2 year subscription     € 223 ex VAT
5 year subscription     € 340 ex VAT
GO (no subscription)   € 540 ex VAT