The X2 is the new generation transponder replacing the old AMB/classic transponders. You can use X2 transponders on any track where you used the old AMB transponder. X2 is compatible with MYLAPS Timing Systems.

The X2 transponder requires a subscription. The price includes hardware and a subscription of 1, 2 or 5 years. After this initial period the subscription can be renewed, see the renewal fee in the table below.


  • Unlimited warranty during active subscription
  • Compatible with all MYLAPS (AMB) Timing Systems
  • The most accurate technology
  • Improved battery charging (4x faster)


Charging Time: 4 hours
Detection height: max. height 60 cm (2 ft) car, max. height 120 cm (4 ft) bike
Dimensions: 18.5 x 3 x 24.5 CM
Housing / material: Waterproof IP67
Max. speed:  260 km/h (161 mph)
Operating voltage range: 5 - 17 VDC
Sport:  car racing, motorbike racing
Temperature range: -20 to +50 °C / -4 to +122 °F
Timing resolution:  0,002 s
Warranty:  Lifetime warranty with an active subscription
Weight: 0.283KG

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Battery Version:
1 year subscription     € 124 ex VAT
2 year subscription     € 165 ex VAT
5 year subscription     € 290 ex VAT
Direct Power Version:
1 year subscription     € 157 ex VAT
2 year subscription     € 223 ex VAT
5 year subscription     € 330 ex VAT