Maximum use of your X2 systems.

The structure of the X2 timing platform enables developers to create applications that collaborate with the X2 and lift the use of the X2 system to a higher level. Time Service has a large history of developing auto– and motorsport software solutions for timekeeping and Race Control. For the X2 we develop applications that support the timekeepers and other X2-users to make their work even easier.

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Unique X2 tracker improves track management

During track activities race control depends on visual and audio systems to stay informed about any (sport) incidents on the track.The X2 Tracker opens new possibilities to observe, control and manage the track. With a view on the real-time positions of the vehicles on the track everybody in Race Control will be able to follow the action. The X2 Tracker function are very beneficial during track days, club- and race events

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X2 Beep for professional timekeepers

Many timekeepers are using the beeps coming from the decoders. They are helping in detecting vehicles without a transponder. Even with large groups of vehicles are passing at the same time, the audio signals makes it a lot easier for timekeepers to detect which vehicle has no transponder. The X2 Beep is one of the first applications we developed for timekeepers that use the X2. It uses data coming from the X2 and adds several new functionalities to the X2 platform.

  • X2 beep is an application working with the X2 timing system.
  • Works independent from any timing software
  • Can be configured to beep on any passing on any loop
  • Works on multiple workstations