X2 control beep for every passing.

Every timekeepers acknowledges the importance of the beeps as a control for transponder signal of every car passing the loop. The audio simplifying to acknowledge undetected vehicles in large groups, every timekeeper depends on the beeps. With the new X2 system the beeps have disappeared from the decoders. The solution we present is the X2 Beep app which will connect directly to the X2 server and has configurable beeps.

Configurable beeps

Beeps are not only useful for the S/F line, there are often more loops in sight of the timekeeper where he wants to hear a beep. To be able to hear the different between the many different loops the X2 Beep app has configurable beeps. For every loop in the X2 server the Beep app can set a different Beep frequency.


The X2 beep works according to the following specifications:

  • Beep application connects directly to the X2 server
  • Works independent from any timing software
  • Configurable frequencies for different beeps
  • Works on mutliple workstations at the same time