Unique X2 Tracker

The X2 Tracker opens new possibilities to observe, control and manage the track. With a view on the real-time positions of a vehicle on the track everybody in Race Control will be able to follow the action. Serving different purposes for different persons the X2 tracker will definitely improve the circuit and racing experience.

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Improved track control.

During Track activities Race Control depends on visual and audio systems to stay informed about any (sport) incidents on the track. These safety systems are important for observing and guarding the safety on track from Race Control, but do have limitations in providing important information.

Especially when it comes to determining specific information like start numers or following/searching a car around the track. The X2 tracker is a proven addition for Race Control to the existing safety systems. It's functions are very beneficial for track days and small or large race events.

Safety first with X2 tracker

The X2 tracker allows Race Control to better observe the Track and react to situations. Follow or locate specific participants on the track or in the pit lane. The tracker shows a fluent animation of the position of the vehicles on track. With the tracker you have the situation onthe  track clearly visualized in front of you.

With the purpose of helping Race Control in guarding safety the X2 tracker also warns for missing vehicles; participants who didn't reach the next expected measurement point. Race Control can take immediate action when a vehicle is missing.

Developed for X2

The X2 Tracker, as the name already states, is specially developed and designed for the Mylaps X2 timing system. With a direct connection to the X2 the vehicles position is real-time without any delays. The X2 tracker functionality depends on the information and loop data available in the X2 system. 

The X2 Tracker also downloads any available competitor information from the X2 like transponder- and start numbers to show in the tracker. This information is important to both Race Control and Race Directors in managing the track and sportive behaviour on track. The more information available in the X2, the more X2 Tracking functionalities become available.

Don't forget to download the X2 Tracker brochure. Download brochure