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Automation and innovation are of great importance for every race circuit. Using modern techniques and automating processes around the track has great benefits for circuit operations. The RSTime platform includes a number of software solutions for supporting timekeepers and race control operators during all track activities; track days, club events or international races. The goal of every RSTime circuit automating solution is to improve track efficiency and safety.

Safety in the pit-lane.

Improve safety in the pit lane by monitoring the speed of the vehicles in the different parts of the pit lane. The Pit Speed manager uses multiple loops across the pit lane to measure the speed from the moment of entering the pits until exit. Mylaps transponders are used to follow and identify the vehicles. 

 When a vehicle exceeds the maximum speed (in any part of the lane) an automatic violation report for that speed is generated and printed. The violation report will contain transponder number and a start number with name if this information is available from timekeeping database.

Simple identification of vehicles on the track

S/F camera

The camera back-up supports timekeepers during the sessions. Every vehicle passing on the start/finish loop has a corresponding image. With the images integrated in the timing programm the timekeeper can safe time identifying vehicles and timing vehicles without a transponder. The timekeeper can look back at everything that happened on the finish line.

With the help of the camera timing takes less effort and manpower during track days and events can be saved. The timekeeper can concentrate on other important issues instead of constantly watching the S/F line.


Scoreboards controlled by Timekeeping or Race Control

Automatically control the scoreboard from the timekeeping, race control or manually with the RSTime scoreboard controller. This network oriented application can run on any computer in the network. Race control, timekeeping or any other party can manually control the scoreboard. Is timekeeping running during the sessions? The scoreboard runs in automatic mode controlled by the race information from the timekeeping.

The information shown on the scoreboard depends on the type of scoreboard. For example:

  • Time to go or laps to go
  • Current time 
  • Manual text
  • Positions, start numbers and lap time.
  • Or any other

Every type of scoreboard has a communication protocol that can differ from any other. Contact us to see how we can integrate your type of scoreboard.

Accurate GPS synchronized timing and Back-up timing.

Synchronized clocks are most important win timing. All timing hardware should be synchronized to the GPS clock to give accurate times. Decoders have a connector for a GPS antenna, but many other hardware is not automatically equipped with such a connector. The sync module integrates the signal from a light beam and/or start button to be mixed with the signal from a GPS antenna. One GPS antenna can be connected to this module for synchronizing a light beam, start signal and allowing up to 5 decoders to be connected. This all improves the accuracy of the timekeeping.

Permanent timing installations

The solutions in the RSTime platform are installed at race circuits worldwide as permanent installations. Time Service combines RSTime software with modern hardware to create powerfull installations for automating race circuits. Depending on the requirements of the circuit we supply customised systems for automating Timing & scoring, Live Timing, Race Control, Sound Measurements and many more.

Also take a look at our project page to see how RSTime solutions are used at race circuits worldwide.

Circuit automation specifications:

  • Permanent automation solutions for race circuits.
  • Improve efficiency, accuracy and save manpower with RSTime software.
  • RSTime only in combination with reliable and modern equipment.
  • Time Service supplies and install timing hardware on the circuit.
  • Software supports all types of Mylaps timing hardware (TranX, TranX Pro, X2 and more).

We can develop customised automation solutions for timekeepers and circuits. Do you have hardware that needs to be controlled from the timing? Or do you want to automate any process related to timing (for example scrutineering / driver enrolling). We have the expertise and knowledge to integrate and facilitate the control of hardware from our timing system. 

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