Powerful track control and incident management solution

The RSTime RCT Manager software offers advantages to circuit's race control services during track days and race events. The RCT software improves communication and working procedures in and around race control. The RCT software improves the safety and management of incidents and reduces the required (human) resources to operate the track and Race Control.

RSTime RCT Manager is the powerful track control solution to take safety management to a higher level. Read more about it below or download the brochure


The Challenges of Race Control.

Race Control is crucial in guarding the safety on track. Fast response time saves lifes in case of serious incidents. For less critical incidents the goal is to clear the track as quick as possible to be able to continue racing.

Herefore Race Control always relies on video and audio messages to evaluate the situation on track and make decisions. In case of serious or multiple incidents, when things tend to get hectic, collecting information could become difficult and the risk of making a mistake increases. Processing information is key to properly addressing every situation.

How RCT Manager supports Race Control operations.

Managing a race and controlling the track starts with offering Race Control a clear view on the track. The RCT software is build around a unique animated race tracker. Everyone in Race Control knows precisely what is happening on the track and can follow the progression of the races.

In case of an incident the RCT system reduces the time for race control operators to log every event. Once an event is logged the relevant information is routed to the appropriate person to enable better collaboration between differnet departments.

Benefit from RSTime RCT

With the help of RSTime RCT Manager Race Control can improve their professional services to their customer, the organisor, and help ensure a high-quality sport event. RCT is the key connection between Race Control, the race director, stewards and for example the medical center.

Communication is simplified and every incident is managed. It takes only seconds, instead of minutes, to create incident reports and analysis from the system. This efficient way of working with RCT reduces the required number of people involved in Race Control and on the track.

RCT is the link between the different safety systems and efficient use of these systems by the Race Control operators.


RCT is build around a very effective Race Tracker with real-time vehicle positioning. The tracker gives Race Control operators the overview over the track it needs to ensure safety.

RCT is designed and prepared for communication with marshalling lights around the track. The easy interface of the Tracker enables quick activation of race flags in different track sections. Contact us for the possibilities.

Efficient communication is key during race events. RCT unburdens the Race Control operators by automatically distributing crucial information to other parties involved in the race like the race director, stewards, medical center, etc. Everybody will have access to the crucial information key to perform their tasks.

The goal of RSTime RCT is to integrate the control of all existing and future Race Control systems into one user-friendly and efficient solution. Instead of operating different systems, Race Control should have access to all CCTV images and be able to control safety systems from one solution. Please Contact us for the possibilities.

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