Live Timing, Race Tracker and Heat statistics.

Observing and following a race - no matter where you are - has never been easier. With the RSTime Live timing and Race Tracker the teams, race director, race control, the fans on the stand or the people at home can easily follow the race real-time. The Live timing shows all interesting timing information. The Tracker are your eyes on the track by showing the position of the cars driving on the track. With the tracker you can see the action on the track. The heat statistics show summarised race information like a list of participants who where leading the race and all drivers who set a fastest lap time.

Take a look at the demo or download the brochure for more information about the Live Timing, Tracker and statistics application

Demo or Download brochure

RSTime Live Timing application

Real-time online timing showing the results of the current running session. The timing information is directly send from the timing system to the live timing with minimal delays. The Live Timing can show an extensive amount of information which is all controlled by the timekeeper. The timekeeper can choose one of the many available lay-outs for the Live Timing or even create his own lay-out.

 The Live Timing can show columns with information about:

  • the position (and position in class) of the driver / team 
  • The state predicts the time untill next start/finish passing of the vehicle.
  • All kind of participant info (start number, name, nationality, team name, car brand, etc.)
  • Lap times, sector times, pit times and speed.
  • Race control messages.

The Race Tracker are your eyes on the track by showing the positions of the cars driving on the track. This tool is greatly valued by teams, the commentator, race control and the people at home. The tracker shows a full lay-out of the track and on the track are the positions of the moving cars animated. The tracker does not only show cars driving on the track but also the amount of cars standing in the pit lane and 'Missing' cars. Race Control and Race Directors use the tracker for managing and controlling the race.

The circuit lay-out is an image which can easily be adjusted. A number of circuits are already available for the tracker but new circuit lay-outs can always be created. The position of the cars is predicted by using lap- and sector times, so no GPS signal. The more sectors available at a circuit the more accurate the positions of the cars.

Have acces to a very useful summary of interesting facts about the current running session like you see at big international race series. These statistics are real-time without delays just like the Live Timing and Tracker.

Included in the heat statistics is:

  • General heat information: shows important facts about the session like number of start participants, number of driven laps and many more. 
  • Incidents list: shows the number of cautions and code-60 procedures and if available also a note about the cause of these procedures.
  • Leader history: summarises all the leaders of the race and how many laps they led.
  • Best lap history: are the drivers who have set a fastest lap time in the current session.
  • Best lap per class: shows the best lap time per class.
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Live Timing

Live Timing

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The RSTime system is a platform for automating timekeeping of any kind of auto- or motorsport event. RSTime helps you optimise operations during the preparation of the event, timing and distribute the results. The Live Timing application is an online extension of the RSTime timing software. It runs in every modern browser on a smart phone, tablet or laptop. There is no app or other program to download and the Live timing works on all operating systems; iOS, Windows, android and more. A demo is continuously running on:

The Live Timing is already used by many circuits and timekeepers worldwide, for example: Assen, MB Racesupport, Rallycross Timing, SDO Timing, Moscow Raceway, Red Bull ring Spielberg, Zolder, Zandvoort and many other.

  • Real-time Live Timing, Race Tracker and Heat statistics without delays
  • Accessible on any mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Connected with the RSTime timing system.
  • Great tool for Race control, see where the cars are and which cars are 'missing'. 
  • Can be setup for local intranets at circuits. Accessible for drivers/teams without internet.
  • Circuit lay-out is easyily created and adjusted.
  • The more sectors available the better the tracker can predict positions.