Best in class timing solutions for professional timekeeping.

Deliver a professional, accurate and complete timing service for national and international motorsport events? Are you looking for a flexible timing solution to support you before, during and after the race? RSTime software is the number 1 professional timing software used by timekeepers and circuits all over the world.With RSTime it will take less effort to provide better timing services and results for the drivers, teams, race director, commentators and fans.

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Raise your timing services to the next level.

With RSTime you can provide outstanding timing services to every national and international motorsport events. Timing an event can be hectic, demanding and require multi-tasking. At these moments you have to be able to trust your software to support you in your work. With RSTime you have an auto-pilot solution that automatically runs your timekeeping the way you set it up. 

Unique timing features.

Optimise your timing operations with RSTime and be able to procude better results with less effort. RSTime has automated a great part of a timekeepers activities. You will be able to time an event with less people because RSTime supports you in preparing the event, timing and distributing the results. The unique RSTime features that distinguish RSTime: 

  • S/F camera as timing back-up and for driver identification.
  • Spectacular Live Timing and Tracker with eleborate timing information
  • Extensive amount of reports for results, lap times, pint/stint times, statistics and more.
  • Timing sprint, endurance, rally or regularity including setting up specific regulations.

Developed by timekeepers for timekeepers

The world of timing and motorsport is continuously changing, improving and innovating. And so are we. As timekeepers we regularly encounter the changing regulations and requests of the organisors, stewards, drivers and teams. We use these experiences to improve and keep the RSTime timing software up-to-date with the newest innovations and technologies. With RSTime you are ensured of state of the art timing technology and solutions.

The RSTime timing system is designed to time all kinds of race events on any type of circuit, from small national club events to large international races.The timekeeper can configure an unlimmited amount of loops, decoders, sectors and speed traps per circuit. Many large circuits have multiple circuit lay-outs which can all be configured in the RSTime system. With different defined circuit lay-outs it will be possible to switch the circuit lay-out during an event or time multiple events simultaneously on different parts of the track.

The RSTime system is very flexible. All features and functionalities to time all types of race sessions: sprint, endurance, rally or regularity. 

For the different types of races you will need different functionalities of the timing system. 

  • Manage teams with an entrant and drivers during an endurance race
  • Show the current driver when teams are driving with a Driver ID transponder.
  • Extensive pit- and stint time administration.
  • Generate startsignals during a rally.
  • Reference time, laps and point settings for the regularity.
  • Different result lay-outs for all types of races.

Most of the race event regulations (regarding qualification/classifications norms, penalties) can be integrated in the RSTime systems and will be included in the results and startgrid. Preparing and including the regulations reduces the chance of errors and lets you create accurate results.

The RSTime system has multiple possibilities for distributing the results. Locally on the circuit the current session can be followed on multiple TV channels. Many different result lay-outs are available for showing the appropriate timing information. For external parties, who require a timing data stream, the RSTime system has multiple data protocols integrated. These protocols send all timing information to connected parties for example for TV-graphics. On internet the results can be followed by teams, fans and everybody interested on the Live Timing and Tracker which is also automatically controlled from the RSTime system.

Included in RSTime is a result generator for printed results. With a push on the button these reports are printed and exported (to the website). The system has included many lay-outs for printing different timing information. The standard lay-outs are maintained by Time Service and regularly updated. Every timekeeper can create and store his own customised lay-outs in the database.

  • Results for sprint, endurance, rally and regularity sessions.
  • Combined results (up to 5 sessions).
  • Start grids.
  • Lap times and lap charts, 
  • Pit and stint information.
  • Entry lists.
  • Heat statistics with interesting information.

The system is designed to do the timing using transponders, loops and decoders. All types of Mylaps timing hardware (TranX, MX, TnetX, X2, ProChip) are supported by the RSTime system and on request we can integrate any other brand of timing hardware. 

With RSTime you are always able to time the laps of a participant, even without transponders. Because transponders can be lost or forgotten, as a timekeeper you will always need a back-up. The first back-up option is to use a light-beam. The system warns the timekeeper when a light-beam signal is given for a vehicle without a transponder. The timekeeper can easily assign the very accurate light-beam signal to a participant and time his laps with the ligt-beam. 

As an extra option we have integrated a finish camera. The camera takes pictures of everything happening on the finish line. From the timing system one can open the recorded images to read start numbers of unidentified vehicles or find the start number of the vehicle driving around without a transponder. Using a camera during timekeeping reduces the chance of transponder errors or missing laps of vehicles without a transponder.

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