RSTime Rallycross Manager

Specialised timing and scoring solutions for Rallycross events.

The RSTime Rallycross Manager is an RSTime program developed for timing Rallycross and Autocross events. Like all the other RSTime software, the Rallycross Manager is designed to make time keeping easier and of a higher professional level. The Rallycross Manager is similar in workings to the RSTime Race Manager but adapted to the special Autocross and Rallycross regulations.

The combination of hard- and software will ensure you in most situations, even unexpected ones, that a result of the race can always be created.

Why choose the RSTime Rallycross software?

Using the RSTime Rallycross Manager brings only advantages for a time keeper. Instead of working with general motorsport software the Rallycross Manager has all FIA rules and regulations integrated for more accurate and professional timing.

The Rallycross Manager includes useful tools that makes timing Rallycross and Autocross events easier and more accurate. For example a Finals Editor determines the participants for the final heats by a press of the button. During the event total times and lap times can be followed on TV-Screens and via Live Timing. At the end of every session the time keeper can easily generate all result reports. The many possible results include:

  • results of each heat.
  • all lap times of each participant.
  • results with points after 3 heats. 
  • points after the final heats.
  • start grid printouts after qualifications for the heats.
  • start grid printouts for the final runs.

With the RSTime Rallycross Manager timing a Rallycross event becomes more accurate, easier and less time consuming.


The Rallycross manager is part of the RSTime system is a platform for automating timekeeping of any kind of auto- or motorsport event. RSTime helps you prepare the event, time the event and distribute the results. The Rallycross software is: 

  • Multi-user and Multi-language software.
  • Compatible with FIA Regulations.
  • Extensive amount of customisable result lay-outs.
  • Easy-to-use Finals editor.

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