Timekeeping Camera

Record images of everything happening on the start/finish line - easily identify vehicles.

The top speed of cars and motorcycles seem to increase every year and start numbers become harder to read. For a timekeeper it becomes harder to identify the vehicles driving on the track with a naked eye. Especially in the beginning of an event transponder numbers of the vehicles need to be identified and occassionally there is a vehicle driving without a transponder. With the images of the RSTime camera you can rapidly identify all vehicles on the track and you will never miss a participants lap.

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Saving timekeeper's manpower.

The integrated RSTime timing camera offers timekeepers a new solution for reducing effort in timing sport events. With the help of the Start/Finish images the timekeepers can save time in solving unidentified vehicles. Even when you do not have time to watch the line, the camera will record everything passing tart/Finish and never misses a lap! Save yourself extra manpower and be able to time your events with less timekeepers.

  Simply identify vehicle start numbers.

  Never miss a participants lap(time).

  Open images of all vehicles passing the Start/Finish line.


Camera images integrated in timing software.


Timekeepers can access all images taken of the vehicles passing the Start/Finish line from the Timing software. By clicking on a passing one can see the corresponding image taken at the exact same time. Transponder assignments in the software can easily be checked with the image taken of the vehicle. Replay the vehicles start and finishing order with the camera images. Save time and be able to focus on other issues instead of continuously watching the line.

Camera solution

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Camera solution

Camera solution

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