High-end Timing systems for Race Circuits

Are you looking for a timkeeping system for your race track? Does your current timing hardware or software need an update? 

Already many international race circuits have chosen for a timing system of Time Service. We help existing and to-be-build race circuits of any size, to automate and optimise the timing & scoring. Our services include customised recommendations on the best combination of software and hardware, installation, maintenance and support of the system.

As a software development and timekeeping company we have many experience and knowledge about timekeeping, (timing) hardware and software. Time Service provides key solutions to circuits who are looking for a professional, modern and optimised timing system.

Timing installations

The RSTime timing and scoring software is the number 1 timing software designed to automate timing and related activities. Where timing used to be error prone, time consuming and labour intensive, timing with RSTime is accurate, fast and efficient . RSTime is a large unified platform with extensive software solutions for a professional timing at your race circuit.

With RSTime you can provide professional timing services for track days, training days, national and international race events of any kind.The RSTime system supports the timekeeper before, during and after the race. From preparing the event, timing the vehicles to presenting the results on tv-screens, scoreboard and Live Timing. All these and more functions are integrated in the RSTime system to make the life of a timekeeper easier.

Transponders can be forgotten, lost or not properly mounted on a vehicle, we always recommend to have a back-up system for timing the vehicles. We have 2 back-up systems integrated in RSTime for timing with transponders. The first is an integrated light-beam warning, the system will warn the timekeeper when it has detected a vehicle without a transponder. The second is a finish camera. This camera can take up to 60 frames per seconds to record everything that is happening on the start/finish. The camera helps the timekeeper read start numbers of unknown transponders and find the cars without a transponder. These 2 back-up systems reduce the labour of the timekeeper and lets you do the timing with less people!

Main functionalities in RSTime timing software:

  • Multi-user and multi-language software.
  • Multiple circuit lay-outs with unlimmited number of loops. Including speed and sector loops.
  • Integrate race regulations to generate accurate results for every session.
  • Complete pit-and stint time administration.
  • Distributing results on TV-screens, printed and online results, Live Timing + Tracker or live data streams for TV-graphics.
  • Time and score a sprint or endurance race, rally or a regularity.
  • Automatically control a scoreboard (time/laps) from the timekeeping.

More information on RSTime timing software can be found here.

For every motorsport (autosport or karting) circuit we can supply a complete timekeeping system adapated to the design requirements and specifications of the circuit. From our experience and expertise we can make recommendations on the software, timing hardware and all other related hardware. The vision for our timekeeping systems is to have an automated system which facilitates and optimises the complete timekeeping and related activities. Depending on the designed timing infrastructure the timing system can have unlimmited features like:

  • Start/finish timing
  • Timing loops in the pit lane
  • Timing loops at the fuel area.
  • Sectors across the track.
  • Speed traps.

The timekeeping systems can range from a simpeler system with the basic timing points to a full system with multiple pit loops, sectors and speed traps across the track. For larger circuits the multiple circuit lay-outs are supported in the timing systems we supply. It is even possible to time events on two different parts of the track simoultaneously with the RSTime software.

In the past we have worked with all types of Mylaps timing hardware: TranX, Pro, X2, MX, ProChip, TnetX and many more. All these types of Mylaps hardware are supported by the RSTime software. On request it is possible to integrate any other brand of timing hardware.

For most timing installations we recommend a timing server, a back-up server and workstations. These timing servers are  normally HP (or a comparable brand) servers, supplied and configured by Time Service. Generaly one or multiple workstation (laptops) are used by the timekeepers to do the timing on. But all these hardware recommedations depend on the circuit requirements.

Our timekeeping systems also automates processes related to timekeeping. Integrated in the system is a GPS for synchronising the timing hardware and light-beams. Optional is to control the scoreboard(s) automatically from the timekeeping. If there is any other related hardware on the circuit we have the expertise to facilitate the control of this hardware from the timekeeping system.

When the decisions are made for hardware and software we will supply and install the hardware and software at your circuit. The end product will be a full operating timing system which can include any of the following:

  • All timing hardware and cables for pit in, pit out, start/finish, sectors, speed trap, fuel area and many more timing points are possible.
  • Light-beam and GPS synchronization
  • Start/Finish camera
  • 19' inch server rack with timing server and back-up server (normally HP servers).
  • Timekeepers workstations
  • RSTime timing software
  • Any other extra software for automating related activities: scoreboard, camera, pit speed, sound measuring. 

You will have only one supplier for your complete timing installation.

Maintenance and support.

Every timing system will need a regular check if the complete system is still working properly. Our maintenance service includes controlling all timing hardware and connections, and we will update the timing servers with the newest RSTime and other software.

Support on the RSTime software is always given to the timekeepers when needed. For most timekeepers and circuits we recommend a training of 1 or 2 days to learn how to work with the hardware and software.

RSTime platform

RSTime worldwide

Time Service has installed complete timing systems with RSTime software on many international race circuits worldwide. These timing installations range from smaller installations with only a start/finish and pit loop to full timing installations with multiple sectors and speed traps along the track.

  • Bahrain International circuit
  • Buddh International circuit - New Delhi
  • Circuitpark Zandvoort
  • Moscow Raceway
  • Redbull Ring Spielberg
  • TT circuit Assen
  • Yeongam circuit Korea
  • Yas marina - Abu Dhabi
  • Zolder

Our timekeeping systems are designed and installed to automate, and facilitate an easy control and operation of the timing systems and related features. Features related to the timekeeping can be:

  • Scoreboard
  • Camera
  • Pit speed measurements
  • Sound measurements
  • Online results and Live TIming
  • Race control features.

If there is any other feature or hardware you would like to control from the timekeeping, we have the expertise to develop new features, software and hardware.