RSTime sound and noise control

Meaure and store sound and detect violators.

Powerful Sound and violation management solution

RSTime Sound Manager

The RSTime Sound Manager offers advantages to race circuit’s sound violations for track days and race events.

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RSTime Sound Manager

Individual sound measurements and control solutions for race circuits.

More and more race circuits worldwide have to deal with government regulations regarding sound limits. Circuits need to record, monitor and store the sound levels and take controlling measures where necessary. Governments and other institutions expect sound reports stating the measured sound levels on and around the circuit during diverse periods. With the RSTime SoundManager it becomes easy to comply to these government regulations.

The RSTime SoundManager has 2 goals. The first goals is to measure individual sound levels of the vehicles on the track to be able to detect violators of the sound limit. The second goal is to measure, store and report all levels of sound that can be requested by the government or other institutions.

Identify sound violators racing on the track

Where, when and how to measure participants sounds for an accurate result is alwasy a difficult discussion. But what’s better than measuring the individual sounds during actual racing? The RSTime Sound measurement has the goal to measure sound levels of individual vehicles on track and detect possible violations. Vehicles driving near the measurement point are identified with the help of transponders. The transponders tell the SoundManager how many and which vehicles padded the measurement point. Measurement with multiple cars are ignored as a clean measurement. Sound levels of vehicles passing the measurement point individually are controlled with the set limit. Violations are automatically reported.

Comply to government regulations

The Outer posts measure the sound in the urban area’s around the circuit. The reports that can be generated from these outer posts are more for management purposes. The SoundManager can generate all kinds of sound level reports depending on government requirements. Report examples: calculated sound levels per day, hour or exceeding of a certain percentage per hour.

Sometimes it is not clear which sound is causing a high sound level. When an outer post is placed in an urban area, it is possible that other sources of sound cause a violation. For this purpose it is possible to stream the measured sound to a hard disk. The user can listen back to the recorded sound and detemine the source of the sound (coming from the circuit or not?).


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