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World leading timing & scoring solution for timekeepers and race circuits.

More than TIMING…

RSTime Race Manager

  • For competition racing with cars, motorbikes, go-karts, etc.
  • Accurate and reliable timekeeping.
  • Automates and optimises event timing.
  • Allows multiple workstations for timekeeping. (multi-user)
  • Easy result distribution.
  • Unique timing features.
  • Real-time live timing + Tracker
  • Race control tools


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Time Service Timekeeping software


Timekeeping, especially at the beginning of the event, can be hectic and demanding for the timekeepers. In these situations you must have a system that supports you in your timing job and automates many of the activities.

With RSTime timing becomes easier and more accurate. With the system handling many timing & scoring processes the chance of human errors are reduced. From the first enrolment to the result of the last race, RSTime offers a complete solution.



As timekeepers you not only want your timing team to function effectively, you want your service to impress the organiser, race director, drivers, press and fans. One way to do this is to provide them with fast, accurate and useful timing information.

The RSTime platform includes the software solutions to meet the needs for timing information. Easily distribute results via timing screens, (online) race results,  live timing & tracker and TV-graphics protocols. All screens and reports are flexible and configurable to make sure the information can be adjusted to the race type.


The RSTime timing platform offers unique timing features to the timekeepers. Designed to make the work of timekeepers and the collaboration with organisers easier and more efficient many innovative features are added to the timing software. With RSTime you can rely on the software and you are able to do the work with less people.

  • S/F camera as timing back-up and for start number identification
  • System warnings regarding timekeepers or regulation issues for example too short/long pit– and stint times.
  • Easy event preparation including regulation settings.
  • Smart reports generator for sprint, endurance, rally or regularity results.
  • Powerful race administration of drivers and teams.


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