Time Service is one of the first adopters of the Mylaps X2 system. We believe investing in new hardware, like an X2 system, is important for timekeepers and race circuits. From the first introduction of the X2 system we have adjusted our software to integrate the X2 into our RSTime system.

What is X2?

X2 is the new generation timing system from Mylaps. The X2-system can be part of the timing network that allows us to work in an advanced manner in comparison to working with the TranX-decoders. With the X2 the network structure improves. We can now run applications with a single function on the location where that application is needed most.

In a structure with TranX decoders the number of connections to a decoder was limited and so only one or two applications could retrieve the passings from the decoder. All other applications in need of timing information depended on the application connected to the decoders. It forced us to develop only a few large software applications with many separate functionalities inside.

The X2-system enables hundreds of simultaneous connections. With this system many different separate applications can all retrieve the timing information they need from the X2 system. For example a pit speed application receives only the passings from the pit lane. The sound-application uses only the passings from the loop where sound is measured. With the X2 we can make small single task applications that aren’t operated by the timekeeping or another process, but are running where they are needed.

Switching to X2.

In 2015 Time Service started using the X2 system for timekeeping. At the same time we assisted many of the RSTime timekeepers and circuits make the switch to X2 hardware. We helped with the new infrastructure for timing and make sure all applications were running perfectly on the X2 system. TT-circuit Assen, Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, MB –Race support from Sweden and some other parties were early adopters of the X2 platform, thanks to the expertise of Time Service.